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Author Topic: D60 power system highlights  (Read 3314 times)
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Dynamic aspects, D60 equipped with a 1.8L Toyota 2ZR series engine, maximum power of 139 hp and maximum torque of 170 N • m, and this engine is a match for the 6-speed manual gearbox from a love letter. Compared to the price of the same model and the same level, to have 6AT 1.8L engine and gearbox combination is very small, mostly 1.5L or 1.6L engine, an automatic transmission models are mostly CVT or 4AT, in total power into upper, D60 showed a strong competitive edge.

This 1.8L engine to drive it around 1.2 tons body feels very light, especially when it will start feeling more obvious. This gearbox also makes a very satisfactory performance, especially in terms of performance in the ride at the same level were considered among the best. Every shift in the speed control in about 2000rpm, shift feel relatively soft, not obvious sense of frustration. When the transmission is switched to sports mode engine parts, shift speed will be increased to around 2500rpm, but the throttle response and has not changed much, more or to get more power output by increasing the speed of the shift.
Transmission is not only in terms of ride comfort more outstanding performance, shift logic is very clear, you can select the correct gear according to the driver's right to control the depth of the throttle. When driving, deep throttle, transmission time based on changes in the amplitude and reduce the throttle to select a gear or two, it can be given to signal the driver to make the right response and feedback.

D60 throttle intensity and stroke are very moderate, prolonged driving will not be premature foot fatigue, engine throttle changes made to the response is still very timely, overtaking the class action in motion can be easily completed, and when traffic congestion, especially deliberately do not control the depth of the first foot throttle, avoid channeling starting forward appearance.

Engine with the throttle, transmission of tacit agreement between, you can feel the engineers did a great job on the adjustment. However, the performance of the suspension is necessary to make people a little headache. Suspension will be too tough on the road 95% of the performance are delivered to the body, while sitting in the car's occupants will be able to perceive through the body surface flatness how, affecting ride comfort. Feeling stiff suspension is not without advantages in the face of non-paved road, its performance would seem there are some advantages when the vehicle turbo suppliers is traveling on the road is more complex, more rigid suspension may be possible body pulled, resulting in a larger decrease due to the ground bumps body shaking. Chassis in the face of relatively poor road conditions, there was still a little loose.

Compared to the suspension too clear road feedback, feedback steering wheel for information'd made an effective filter for small changes in the steering wheel mountain road and will not make much of a response, but so that drivers can be more comfortable control of the direction of travel of the vehicle, moving the steering wheel to adjust the intensity of the more calm, open up and not make people feel too thief. In the face of parking into place when the steering wheel it still maintained a very calm attitude, which people do not like the male driver might be able to accept, for women drivers, this is definitely not good news .
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